Hexagon Helpdesk Versions

For details on each of the add-on modules click here.

Version V1.01 - Version V1.02 - Version V1.03 - Version V1.10 - Version V1.20

The Helpdesk Software is designed to be modular and very customizable, which means that although there is only one product it can look very different and do different very different things (eg compare Mandalinci Helpdesk to Integra Helpdesk). There are two elements to the software, a windows client and the server itself. Although Helpdesk comes with its own server (called Helpdesk Server) this can be upgraded to a bigger product (called Hexagon Enterprise Server) which offers new features.

The image below shows the add-on modules available for Helpdesk. These are licenced seperately (see licencing)

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