Hexagon Helpdesk Version v1.02

Hexagon Helpdesk v1.02 is the current live version of the client software. It was first released in Q1 2007.
The purpose of v1.02 was to scale the features of v1.01 to handle enterprise volumes of traffic and significantly improve the integration to the backend financial systems and bring backend objects such as budgets and purchase orders for new parts/labour into the product.

In order to do this the server side components needed to be improved and integrated more tightly into the accountancy systems, which in turn also meant an upgrade to the security settings and more business roles. In Q3 of 2007 a version of V1.02 was released to better support standalone mode (ie without Dream and Landmark - See Mandalinci).

Key enhancements in v1.02 are:

  • Full Run-Time Coda Dream Integration
  • Enhanced Contact Management
  • New Budget Object
  • New Purchase Ordering Object
  • External Supplier Support
  • Enhanced Seraching
  • Increased Customisation
  • Extra Business Roles
  • MS Office/Outlook Add-On Support
  • Fully Functional Standalone Mode

V1.02 is the first version to require the server to have its own licence (this is currently free).
The server additionally validates the client's licence and the client software also validates the server.

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* Software upgrade available free of charge, some consultancy costs may be involved due to database & installation