Hexagon Helpdesk Technologies


  • MS Server 2003
  • BizTalk (2004)
  • MS Sql Server 2000/2005
  • Sharepoint Team Services
  • .Net FrameWork 1.1 / 2.0
  • Soap/ XML/ XSLT
  • Web Services
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook


When Hexagon Helpdesk was first designed it was intended to run in support of a number of existing systems (particularly Coda Dream Financials & Landmark). As such it used the same technology base as those products did, a thick Windows client developed in .Net 1.1 and with a SQL Server 2000 backend.

However from the start Helpdesk wanted to add XML based reports & summaries on the server and for all its configuration and inporting/exporting. It also makes heavy use of "reflection" to help support the enourmous amount of modularisation and componentisation in the product.

Helpdesk's developers were committed to a strategic architecture, even if that was not directly required by the first few customers. This architecture allows helpdesk to be easily scaled from a single standalone server to an enterprise platform.

The image below shows the full blown architecture as implemented for the Integra Pensions Administration System.
The basic standalone version requires just the .Net 1.1 framework and a SQL Server 2000 backend.

The Windows client uses executes stored procedures on the SQL database directly over the network using dedicated SQL drivers, it uses web services in some areas to communicate options with the Helpdesk server, and uses standard web queries to display the web summary information and information on the web & business process tabs.

The Server uses XML transactions routed via BizTalk to send and receive data to other external systems unless a specific connection dll has been defined for a connection (eg Domino.Doc document repository). It also uses ASP.Net to display web pages to users, although the data it retrieves from the database is retrieved as XML.

BizTalk is also used to monitor directories and ports for inbound data to activate workflow processes.

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