Hexagon Helpdesk Licencing

For details on each of the add-on modules click here.

In order to use Hexagon Helpdesk you need a valid licence key. Licence keys are normally sold for a period of 12 months and renewed anually. For the sake of simplicity licences consist of a single server licence (installed once on the server) and a client access licence for a limitied number of concurrent users (installed on each machine).

Starting from v1.03 each add-on module will additionally require its own licence to be installed on each machine that will use that module. However there are no plans to associate different roles with different licences, and web/reader access is free for all users once the server licence is purchased.

The licences that can currently be obtained are:

  • V1.00 Helpdesk Client (Num Months, num Concurrent Users)
  • V1.02 Helpdesk Client (Num Months, num Concurrent Users)
  • V1.02 Helpdesk Server(Free To Existing Customers)
  • Asset Management Module (Num Users, Num Months - Free To Existing Users)
  • Suppliers Module (Num Users, Num Months)
  • CRM Upgrade (Num Users, Num Months)
  • Hexagon Office Add-On (Num Users, Num Months)
  • V1.10 Helpdesk Server (Num Months - Free)
  • V1.10 Server Document Management Module ( Num Months)

  • Hexagon Enterprise Server v1.00 (Num Users, Num Months)

It should be noted that the current standard sale involves a V1.02 Helpdesk Client licence for (x users & 12 months) which comes with a free V1.02 Server licence. The consultant comes onsite for 2 days to configure the server, install the clients and connects them to the server, and does any customisation required.

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* Versions 1.02 and above can automatically update their licences over the internet.