Hexagon Helpdesk Integra Configuration

Hexagon Helpdesk is designed as an extremely flexible and configurable job/case management system. This page shows how it has been reconfigured with Helpdesk Server as the Integra Windows Client which forms part of the Integra Pensions administration engine (see www.integra-pensions.co.uk)

For Integra the business objects hierarchy was reconfigured to use Pensions terms such as schemes, members, plans, employment periods and voluntary contributions . Call types were configured to match the standard pensions processes and for each type/process the business process tab was setup on the server. The screenshot below shows work progressing through V4 of the 'Transfer In Process' for a scheme member.

Helpdesk server is also being used here for document management, and pensions officers can see all of the correspondence associated with the case (letters, web forms, & the election form) on the one tab. They can also create new correspondence from this tab by selecting a template (controlled by the business process logic). The templates are version controlled centrally on the server, are automatically populated with the member's details, barcoded, and then automatically added to the case; all of which is standard Helpdesk Server functionality.

Finally the web tab has been relabelled and pointed at a web interface for the pensions calculation engine. A bespoke process on the server takes the output from the calc (if exported) and converts it into an XML document which is automatically added to the case.

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