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Integra Pensions Admin - Hexagon IT Helpdesk - Mandalinci Holidays - Cabot Property Management

The Helpdesk Software is designed to be modular and very customizable, which means that although there is only one product it can look very different and do different very different things. This section shows four case studies all of which use Helpdesk in very different ways to do very different things.

Integra Pensions

The Integra Windows client is the most extreme implementation of Helpdesk to date and is used by both Integra and Hexagon as a test case. Integra has reconfigured Helpdesk's Case Management features for pensions administration and makes heavy use of the Hexagon Server product's workflow and document mangement features. The business objects have been reconfigured to map to schemes and members, the business process tab has been mapped to pensions worklow processes, and the web tabs have been redirected to calculation screens that output to the document management engine.

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Hexagon IT Helpdesk

As you would expect internally we use Helpdesk as our IT Helpdesk. The business objects have been reconfigured to support a hierarchy of departments, users, machines, software and licences; which allows us to use the asset managment part of Helpdesk to control software licencing, software installation and machine depreciation. This installation is standalone.

Internally we don't use the process tabs or the costs, budgets & invoicing tabs, nor is the application directly connected to our accounts system, however we use the knowledgebase, parts and actions tabs heavilly, whilst the web tabs have been reconfigured to use Goto Assist to control the user machines.

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Mandalinci Holidays

Mandalinci are an estate agent in Turkey specialising in the sale and maintenance of holiday homes. They use Helpdesk to manage both clients and their housing stock. At a client level Helpdesk acts as their CRM, property is managed directly through Helpdesk making heavy use of the document management and filing systems, plus Helpdesk is used for all the property management services such as Swimming Pool maintenance, cleaning and airport collection. Mandalinci's installation is stand-alone.

Mandalinci's requirements feed directly into the Helpdesk development team and keep it positioned as the number one product in this market. To find out more click here.

Cabot Property Management

Cabot are a property management company based in the south west of England, managing a large number of student lets and small commercial units for their client base. Cabot's focus is on maximising the ROI for their client base whilst servicing the needs of the tenants. Cabot's installation is heavilly integrated with Hexagon's Landmark software and with Coda Dream.

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