Hexagon Helpdesk Add-Ons


Asset Management - CRM Customer Managment - Supplier / Catalogue Managment - MS Office/Outlook

The Helpdesk Software is designed to use code modules which can be purchased seperately as required in order to make the product both scalable and customizable. The Helpdesk system currently has four additional modules plus the Helpdesk Server upgrade which contains workflow and document mangement functionality. The add-on modules and server are licenced seperately (see licencing).

Asset Management

Although the asset object itself is available within the core Helpdesk code, the asset management module provides the additional functionality and features that property management or companies using the software as an IT Helpdesk, need for managing those assets explicitly. It contains features relating to planned maintenance, asset templates, issue history, support agreements, warrenty periods and depreciation amongst others. It is closely integrated with the Catalogue Management module and has detailled dedicated reports.

CRM Customer Managment

Contact Management for Objects & a Name & Address Book are basic features included as standard in Helpdesk, however the standard CRM module can be upgraded to a more indepth CRM feature which includes an enhanced Contact object and features more in keeping with standard CRM sales tools, including Lead/Oportunity Management, correspondence tracking, account managment, more detailed reporting and dedicated navigators. The CRM module always ships with the Outlook integration component which allows emails and diary events to be fully integrated with Helpdesk.

Supplier & Catalogue Management

The basic version of Helpdesk allows external suppliers to be configured and provides support for parts and stock movements, however as with the CRM upgrade, customers can choose to upgrade this area of Helpdesk to an enterprise level module. The supplier module introduces a new supplier object, allowing the raising and tracking of Purchase Orders across jobs, detailed financial details and dedeicated navigators and reports. It also enhances the definition of parts, with catalogue and accountancy information and allows alternative suppliers of standard parts to be defined.

Office & Outlook Integration

Two seperate dlls exist for outlook & office integration although both are licenced as a single module, and they may be included within other modules. Both provide the standard functionality expected to allow two way communication between Helpdesk & MS Office. A typical examples of the module's use would be a new button appearing on the Client business object to allow letters to be written to that client. Word opens with a pre-selected template and populates the address with the data from Helpdesk. Clicking the button again sends the document as an attachment via email and stores it against the business object or the open case. The Office module add-on is included with the document managment features of Helpdesk Server.

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