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Hexagon Helpdesk is a case management or job tracking system designed to integrate tightly into back office accountancy systems in order to monitor the costs of supporting the hierarchy of business objects dealt with in the system and the profitabililty of continuing to support those objects. It also provides a practical tool for tracking cases/jobs and the actions required as a result of them, and provides automated workflow and document managment facilities to support them.

Hexagon Helpdesk has been designed to be extremely flexible and configurable allowing a single product to support both heavy business processes within a large pensions administration department for a bank in the UK, and simpler standalone working for a small estate agency in Turkey. (See Mandalinci & Integra case studies).

However Hexagon Helpdesk is primarilly focused on supporting the property managment sector in the UK which is its current largest clientbase and which is the industry v1.02 is currently optimised for.
Helpdesk works particularly well in association with Landmark and Coda Dream Financials.

Listed below are some of the key features of Helpdesk:

  • Case Management
  • Action Tracking, Alerts & Diaries
  • Asset Management & Planned Maintenance
  • Supplier/Engineer Costs, Charges & Labour
  • Parts Catalogue, Parts Ordering, & Stock Movement
  • Work Orders & Job Cards
  • Client Correspondence
  • Purchase Ordering & Invoicing
  • Contact & Customer Relationship Management
  • Case Notes & Document Management
  • Business Process Tracking & Workflow
  • Full Real Time Two Way Integration With Accounts
  • Outlook & Office Integration
  • Business Reports

Helpdesk is essentially made up of three components:
The Helpdesk Database Server, the Windows Client & the Helpdesk Web Application.

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