Hexagon Server Versions

 Hexagon Enterprise Server

Hexagon Helpdesk is a client server platform with a "thick" Windows client (with embedded browser) and a backend server install. The server side uses a SQL Server backend database and an asp.net web application. The backend server requires internet access and access to the accounts server databases.

When you purchase the Helpdesk client it comes with all the software you need to run the basic server, there is no cost for this software therefore. However starting in v1.02 you do need to obtain a valid licence key for the server software. There is no charge for the basic server licence as the server provides very limited functionality beyond the databases themselves.

Starting with Helpdesk v1.10 the server however will begin to perform far more functionality (eg Exchange Integration / SMS & Blackberry Support / MIS / document management / business process management etc) which will be available as server side purchasable modules.

Work has therefore started on a new Enterprise server which clients can upgrade to instead of purchasing modules for the new Helpdesk server. A number of Helpdesk Client licences are normally provided free with each server licence purchased.

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* The basic server software will continue to be maintained as an entry level solution at no cost to the customer